Sustainable design

The Kuni Atelier embraces sustainable design as a guiding principle in the production of all our wooden furniture. Foremost, all the wood featured in the Kuni collections have been ethically sourced and the furniture, responsibly produced. We take pride in using traditional hand-methods as much as possible in the shaping of our creations.

We have great respect for protected tree species in South Africa. All of our designs made from these trees are sourced from fallen slabs. We take immense care to create works of art from these wooden slabs to ensure that they are treasured in households for years to come. We believe that our furniture should be comfortable, durable and delight our clients. In this way it ensures the sustainability of the furniture.

Our promise to nature

Apart from sourcing the majority of our wood from sustainably managed forests, we believe in replenishing the environment with the planting of indigenous trees to ensure the sustainability of our wood supply. To help this process, we spend time planting fast-growing local trees, which speed up the rebuilding of the natural environment. This is called assisted natural regeneration. Our aim is to involve and entice school children to support this project and we are very exited to keep you updated on future developments of this.


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